I have had several desk stand instruments sent to me for repair with complaints "called party cannot hear." The problem turned out to be Operator Error:

When using a Desk Stand ("candlestick") style telephone, it is very important that you operate it in a manner consistent with its original design. If you follow these steps, use of your telephone will be very comfortable and efficient:

Do not use the telephone while holding or carrying it. This will lead to fatigue and you will tend to increase the distance between you and the Transmitter (where you speak into). This will decrease sound volume on the other party's end, and they will complain that they cannot hear you distinctly.

Place the phone on a flat surface, such as a desk or table that is of comfortable height for you. Hold the Receiver in your hand and rest your elbow on the table. Move the phone close to you and adjust the Transmitter to a comfortable height so you can speak directly into it. Keeping your elbow on the table reduces fatigue caused by supporting the weight of the Receiver.

Don't subconsciously back away from the Transmitter. Keep a distance of no less than two inches from the mouthpiece. You'll hear a sort of 'echo" while talking. This is "side tone" and will serve to give you feedback on how efficiently your voice is being transmitted. Old phones use a carbon microphone, and are nowhere near as sensitive as your Cell phone.


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Steve Hilsz, Technician

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